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Helm Hill Presentation Night (not the FRA do) - Change of Date! NOW 24th Nov at the Rugby club 



It's nearly November so now's the perfect time to get a mug of tea, sit down and write something for the Helm Hill Bumper Winter Newsletter. There's so much that has happened since the last one! Any content will do, in any state of literacy, from anyone on any Helm related subject you like. Here's some ideas: 
Racing exploits, favourite races, series updates, My First Fell Race, your season, favourite bits of kit you can't live without, poems, recipes, abridged novels, what Helm Hill means to you, useless innovations / gadgets, 101 uses of a used race number, close-up pics of members in the Racing Red Mist Zone and last but not least.... updates of total incompetence on the fells (remember points mean trophies).
NB Chairman and Captains - don't forget your bit as well!


The aim is to get it out for December 13th . so DEADLINE for everything is NOVEMBER 25th.

Please send to  



 Wednesday training will be at The Queen Katherine School. We have use of the HALL in LOWER SCHOOL. Lower school is the part of the site nearest Morrisons. Access to the hall will only be from the back of school, so everyone should park round the back – where we used to park when meeting there previously.

6.30pm start.

The hall will ONLY be available at the start of the session. After everyone has exited the hall, doors will be locked and it will NOT be possible to go back in the building at the end of training.

Please note children (and adults!) should not go anywhere else in the school except for the hall, and the toilets nearest the hall.

 Club Championship update with only one race to


FRA presentation race details here




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New junior members...we welcome new members but please be aware, if you wish to join one of our training groups, that we operate a waiting List system for all ages. Complete this form and email it to in order to join the waiting list.



 watch this space. printed versions at Helm on 21st