Junior Championship

HELM RACE NIGHT 12th June 2019

Meet at the normal place/time, then after Billy’s notices, junior coaches will allocate race numbers/pins to their respective group and senior runners register with Lorna Askew at the main parking area. If any seniors could help coaches pinning numbers to juniors, that'd be grand. All runners then need to head to the start area – the flat bit of grass near the far kissing gate.

Seniors/U17s will start at 7.00 (please be there 5 mins before so we can count you). U9/11/13/15 will start together at 7.10 (be there from 7.05). The routes have been planned to be short, fast and spectator friendly – see the race map for details.

Cost: FREE

Kit requirements: I'll post on Facebook if the weather is awful, but otherwise it's up to you.  Parents – you are responsible for your child’s kit!

Prizes: Every finisher gets a (very small) prize, plus we will hopefully have some better ones from inov-8 and hopefully Pete Bland Sports. These will be dished out the following week.

A few people asked about this but unfortunately this race is FOR HELM HILL MEMBERS ONLY.

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Racing Colours

And now they are here...the embroidered Helm Hill  full and half racing colours.  To earn yours this year, simply keep a record on this sheet of any race you do representing the club, get your coach to sign it when you have reached either 12 or 24 races, and one will be yours. 



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