Training schedule

Below is the Wednesday evening schedule for the four senior groups beginning at 6.45. In the summer months (after Easter holiday break) we train on the Helm just East of Oxenholme station outside Kendal. In the winter we meet in Kendal behind the Kendal Leisure centre. Whilst most sessions follow a similar patterns of intervals, and runners do swap groups depending on the session, the colours indicate approximate 10k times to give new members a guide where the may 'fit'. Please note at all winter sessions runners should wear high viz, carry a head torch, and be wearing the appropriate footwear (fell/road)

Now at the Leisure centre winter venue for Wednesday training and Queen Katherine school for the Monday track session.

Scroll down for further information on the club and sessions.

 DATE Sub 40mins 10k  40-45min 10k  43-47min 10k   47 min + 10k
 Scars Fartlek/Fell  Beast Banks/Road Castle/Fell/Hill Sprints Town run/Road
 Golf course/Fell Kendal Castle/Fell Golf Course/Fell Trail/Tempo 30  Castle tour/fell
16/10/19  Fields Fartrek/Fell Abbot Hall River/Road Castle/Fell/4 x 8 mins reps Fellside/road
23/10/19  Staveley/PUB/Fell Staveley /PUB/Fell Staveley /PUB/Fell Staveley/PUB/Fell
30/10/19  Greyhound/Road Golf Course/Fell Town/Road/Hill Sprints Undercliffe Russ away/Road
06/11/19  Orienteering/Fell  Beast Banks/Road Castle/Fell/Relays Helm,6.45 on the Helm/Fell
13/11/19  Abbot Hall/Road Kendal Castle/Fell Golf Course/Fell Trail/Tempo30 Capt. French/Road
20/11/19  Golf course/Fell Abbot Hall River/Road Castle/Fell/4 x 8 mins Castle up and overs/Fell
27/11/19  K Town farther/Road Golf Course/Fell Castle/Fell/Relays Abbott Hall/Road
04/12/19  Castle/Fell Canal/Road. Greyhound/Road/Hill Sprints Golf course/Fell
11/12/19  Mystery location/Fell Kendal Castle/Fell Castle/Fell/4 x 8 mins Parr St/Road
18/12/19  Greyhound/Road Abbot Hall River/Road  Golf Course/Fell or Trail/Tempo 30 Staveley Run, Pub and Chips.Mill yard 6.45
25/12/19   Home/Carpet - present paper tearing reps... Fire/Beer/Food  

Helm Hill Runners is a Kendal based running club. In summer, we meet on the 'Helm' (GR534892) outside Kendal every Wednesday at 6.30, and for the winter at Kendal Leisure centre (on the canal path at the back). On Mondays there is a steady run from Kendal Leisure centre (6.30) or,  a track session (6.15) at Kirkbie Kendal School.

The club was founded in 1990 by Ken Shuttleworth, Billy Procter and a small group of parents. In May 2001, Helm Hill Runners became an affiliated club to the North of England Athletics Association. Currently we have about 250 members of which half are juniors.  The club is centred around fell running and cross country but many members compete on the road as well as in orienteering and mountain marathon events.

Our club contains all ages and abilities, from 8 to 70 and from beginner to international athlete. We have a flourishing junior section, and have many runners who have come through the junior ranks to represent the club at senior, national and international level (see our honours page). To get in touch, see the links at the bottom of the page or come along on a Wednesday or Monday night.

We have a sociable committee, and are always looking for input from other members...

Wednesday nights

This is the main club night in the sense that we meet at the same place.

All the sessions for the groups both junior and senior last about an hour. Currently we have 9 junior groups, and 4 senior groups: Green Blue, Red and Black.

The senior groups follow a similar pattern for Wednesdays.  Groups normally have a warm up run of 1-2 miles,  some interval work, and a 1-2 mile warm down

Further junior info on joining/competing/coaching/waiting list can be found on the documents pane at the foot of the homepage.

Monday nights

At 6.45 there is a sociable steady run (no one will be left behind!) that starts from the Leisure Centre.  This group does a variety of different routes, which in winter alternate between off-road (suitable footwear and a headtorch are required) and road. In summer all routes are off road.   Usually the run lasts an hour and for about 6 miles in distance.

Finally there is a track session at Kirkbie Kendal school in summer and Queen Katherine School in winter.  This is a fairly intense session for seniors and older/competing juniors consisting of a whole variety of intervals of between 100m-1500m.

Racing and Recces

For many members two nights training is not enough and we are often found on the fells at the weekends and other days and nights during the week. Information on what's coming up can usually be found on our Facebook page.

Should you wish to join us, come along to one of the training sessions and  try it out, although juniors should initially contact the junior coordinator via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership is via Sientries.