Saturday 16th October

Final details for the event are  on these updated pages and available in pdf form here

Please make sure you read the pages on 'courses' and 'rules and entry' from the top menu.

Helm Hill Runners and British Athletics welcome you to the Howgill Fells for a packed day of racing over some challenging terrain! 

Without the support of local people events such as these would not be possible and we ask everyone attending the Relays to respect their surroundings, follow our instructions and make the most of this special landscape. We would particularly like to thank Andrea and Antony Meanwell for the use of their land for the Event Field, Mike Cavanagh and David and Christine Knipe for the use of their land to access the fell, Pete Bland Sports for their sponsorship of the event, and the local Tebay community for accommodating us so willingly.  

We hope you have a great day, enjoy the event and have fun. One thing is for sure…. you will never again be able to travel between junctions 37 and 38 of the M6 without thinking of this day!

Essential Information:

No recces are permitted on leg 1 or the fields that access legs 3/4 as the fells are accessed via private land. All courses (apart from Leg 2) will be flagged.


A reminder - NO DOGS allowed!! Please do not bring your dog, however well behaved or however short the lead is. There is valuable livestock in the surrounding fields and I’m afraid it’s just not possible to accept dogs...a blanket ban is really the only option. This is one of the conditions which allows us access to this privately owned land. Thankyou for your cooperation.

Team Declaration closes on SiEntries EDIT YOUR ENTRY and confirm the names of your leg runners by Thursday 14th October at 20:00.

On the day teams must also have competed and handed in at race registration the 'Team registration form' and 'Parental consent form' for runners u18.

Team Captains must obtain emergency contact details for each competitor on the form provided and bring this to registration. No form, no entry.

Parking is in Tebay 1.75 miles from the Event Field. Please allow 45 minutes to walk (15 minutes by bike) from the car park to the Event Field by the well marked route. Please lift share to reduce strain on the limited parking.

If you have a Club Tent or travel by minibus you can drop off tent/runners at the event field before parking your vehicle in Tebay. 

There is no event campsite but plenty of accommodation options in the area.

On-the-day Registration is open to Team Captains from 8.30am to 10.30am

Leg 1 Mass Start is 11am from the event field.

Competitors should enter kit check and so the holding pen in plenty of time for their leg

The 2021 FRA Rules for Competition (FRA Rules for Competition 2021) and the FRA Requirements for Runners (FRA Requirements for Runners 2021) will apply. 

Minimum FRA kit requirements for AM races will apply irrespective of weather:  waterproof whole body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), hat, gloves, map of the route, compass, whistle and emergency food.

Limited drinking water is available at the event field so please bring what you need.

All competitors will receive a free meal and there will be food and drink (including beer!) available to buy on site.

Please don’t attend with covid symptoms or if you’re required to isolate for any reason

After the event will everyone please return to their vehicles via the footpath as the lane cannot accommodate drivers picking up runners. Head torches might be needed!

Event Timetable

07:15Car park opens at Tebay.

08:30Registration opens at the Event Field for Team Captains

10:00Kit check opens for Leg 1 runners who then wait/warm up in the Holding Pen.

10:30Registration closes

11:00Race Starts!

11:30ishLeg 1 Men’s leaders expected at finish

11:35ishLeg 1 Women’s leaders expected at finish

12:00 Leg 2 Mass Start

12.10 Leg 1 Cut off time

12:20ishLeg 2 Men’s leaders expected at finish

12:40ishLeg 2 Women’s leaders expected at finish

13:30 Leg 3 Mass Start

13:30ishLeg 3 Men’s leaders expected at finish

14:00ishMen’s winner expected at finish

14:10ishLeg 3 Women’s leaders expected at finish

14.10 Leg 2 Cut off time

14:40ishWomen’s winner expected at finish

14.40 Leg 3 Checkpoint 3 Cut off

15:30 Leg 4 Mass Start

16:00              Prizegiving commences

16.20 Leg 3 Cut off

16.35 Leg 4 Cut off time


Arrival and Parking Instructions

Tebay is adjacent to Junction 38 of the M6. The car parks are accessed via the A685. Click to enlarge map....

There is NO PARKING at the Event Field itself. Please only park in the designated areas - Carparks A & B. Anyone who has been involved in the organisation of events such as these will know that parking is tight and can be a contentious issue. Tebay is a rural village with limited parking availability and the site can only be accessed via narrow lanes, so It is important that you adhere to the instructions and arrive in vehicles full of runners. It would be preferable if teams could arrive in a mini bus or a multi-seater van. 

If you have people coming from different directions, please meet elsewhere and arrive at the event car park – in full cars. We cannot accommodate cars with only 1 or 2 people in them. Any efforts that you can make to reduce vehicle numbers would be greatly appreciated.

If you are arriving in a particularly large vehicle (full of runners) which requires oversize parking please contact the event team in advance and specific arrangements can be made.

The Event Field itself is at Low Borrow Bridge farm just south of Tebay (What 3 Words: game.awake.juggles). Postcode:CA103XX

Car Park A – The Sidings Industrial Estate ( What 3 Words: escalated.completed.cabinets) Postcode:CA10 3XR

If you arrive by car please head to Car Park A. You will need to allow 45 minutes to walk ( or 15 minutes bike ride) to get to the event field. The walking route to the Event Field will be signposted and marshalled. The route is a mix of on and off road surfaces which is rough in places. 

Car Park B – Lyon Equipment (What 3 Words: fabric.rents.sour) Postcode:CA10 3SS

This car park is further from the event field and for vehicles where all occupants have a bike. You will need to allow 1 hour to walk (or 20 minutes bike ride) to get to the event field. Note - if Car Park A is full - Car Park B will become an overflow - so late arrivers may need to factor this into their timings.

Club Tent and Minibus Drop off point  (What 3 Words: perfectly.biggest.clincher) Postcode:CA10 3XX

There is a vehicle drop off point for Club tents and minibuses of runners only. This area is tight, so a quick efficient unloading is critical. The runners can then assist in the unloading of the vehicle and moving the tent to the event field. Once the Club tent has been dropped off with accompanying runners, the driver then takes the vehicle back to Car Park A or Car Park B (if they have a bike)

Car Parks and the Drop Off point will be open from 7.30am.


All cyclists must follow the A685 to the Event Arena. Bike racks are being provided in the Event Arena field. Please ensure that your bikes and detachable components are adequately secured to the rack frames provided.

Overnight Stays

We are not providing or arranging any dedicated camping for the event. There are plenty of accommodation options in the surrounding area. Please organise these yourselves.

If you are arriving in a van on the 15th, hoping to overnight, please ensure that you keep a distance from Tebay and the event site so that the locals and event itself are not impacted. Please note that the lane passing through the event site is subject to a road closure on the 16th October, so ensure that you approach the car parks from the A685.

Disabled Access

Please contact the event organisers if disabled access is required to the event arena and this can be arranged. 

Pedestrian Access Route

A Reminder - You need to allow 1 hour from arriving at the parking to get to the Event Field. So if you want to be at the Event Field one hour before your race, you need to be in Tebay two hours before it! 

Team representatives/captains need to arrive in good time to walk to register their team at the Event Field between 8.30am and 10.30am.


Spectators must be aware of competitors running along the road and should give way to the race at all times.  Where the pedestrian route crosses the race route at Salterwath Bridge, pedestrians must cross at the marshalled crossing point.

Spectators accessing the fell do so at their own risk.  


Teams MUST be declared by team captains on the SI Entries website before 8pm on Thursday 14th October.  Please do so earlier if you can - you will still be able to make last minute changes until 8pm. Thereafter, any changes will need to be made at Registration on race day.  We will assume that any team failing to fully declare online by the cut-off time will not be turning up. All such teams will be removed from the start list.

Team categories cannot be changed by the team themselves, this can only be done by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team captains will also need to complete a Team Emergency Contact Details form for each Team with details for each of the six runners.  This can be downloaded from the Event Website, You must also complete a Parental Consent Form for any junior runners (aged 16 to 18) who intend to compete on Leg 1 or Leg 4. You will find a link to this form also on the Event Website . The completed forms must all be handed in to Registration on the day of the event.

In addition, team captains will need to sign a team declaration sheet confirming the names of their runners, this will be provided at registration.

Registration will be open from 8.30am until 10:30am on the Saturday morning for team captains (or deputies) to collect team envelopes for each team entered.

Each team envelope will be issued in exchange for a copy of your team’s Emergency Contact Details and Parental Consent forms if appropriate.  Team captains should print and retain their own copy of the Emergency Contact Details forms.

Team envelopes will contain: 

Six race numbers as follows: one green number for Leg 1; two yellow numbers for Leg 2; two red numbers for Leg 3; one blue number for Leg 4. 

Maps: one for Leg 1, two for Leg 3, and one for Leg 4. (Note: Maps for Leg 2, the navigation leg, will be issued 350-400 metres after competitors leave the changeover area)

Four ‘dibbers’ for electronic punching, with wrist attachments marked with team number and leg, e.g. wrist bands for team number one will be labelled A1(for Team 1) for Leg 1, B1 for Leg 2, C1 for Leg 3, etc.  

Meal Tickets are printed in the bottom LH corner of numbers. 

Please note, pins are NOT provided

Team Captain Instructions

Team Captains need to:

Ensure that Team Members have read the Final Details!

Issue the Correct number, Map (Legs 1, 3 and 4 only) and dibber (SI card) to the Correct Runner(s) as the timing and results will only work correctly if each Leg uses the correct dibber.  

The Leg and Team number are written on each wrist-strap (e.g. Team 45 leg 1 card will have ‘A45’ written on the tyvek wrist-strap, ‘B45’ for leg 2, ‘C45’ for leg 3 and ‘D45’ for leg 4.  There is only one dibber for each Leg.)

If, having registered, your team withdraws from the race for any reason you must report to the nearest checkpoint marshal. They will help with your return to the download tent to report your retirement from the race. In an emergency use your whistle!

Competitor Instructions

Competitors need to: 

Double-check you have the correct dibber before you strap it on a wrist! – it should match your number.

Report to kit check in plenty of time to enter the holding pen in the Event Field. Please ensure you are there in good time to have your kit checked. There is space to warm up in the pen and toilets for the nervous!

Report to kit check carrying the minimum FRA kit requirements for AM races which will apply irrespective of weather conditions:  waterproof whole body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), hat, gloves, map of the route, compass, whistle and emergency food.

Once you are in the holding pen you are ‘live’ in the race and must not pass back out this area.

If having registered you withdraw from the race for any reason you must report to the download tent to report your retirement from the race.

The Event Field facilities 

Marquee: contains tables and chairs for eating your meal.  Please give up your seat when you have finished eating.

Changing tents: one for men; one for women.

Toilets:There are toilets at the car park and Event Centre. Please do not relieve yourself anywhere else!

Bike Park – storage for bikes will be provided. Please bring your own lock.

Pete Bland Sports Van. 

Two food vans


Area for Club Tents

Limited water for competitors but please bring your own and don’t rely on this as we do not have a mains supply!

Hand sanitisers will be available and we advise that these are used before consuming any food or drink.

The famous Wilf’s of Staveley will provide your meal after the race. They will serve food from noon until 5pm. Don’t forget your Meal Ticket, which will be printed on your race number and pinned to your vest! If you are a late runner and don’t expect to have finished until after 4.30pm, you may choose to eat before you run. There will be one meal offered which is vegetarian stew and a pitta bread.

Race food is only for competitors.  Non-competitors or very hungry competitors can purchase food from one of the additional caterers, who will be selling hot and cold drinks and snacks. They accept cash and card payments. 

The local school from Tebay will be selling scrumptious cakes as a fundraiser. CASH only. 

Whilst some water is available at the event field this is limited so please bring what you will need on the day.  We advise against drinking from streams and rivers etc.

In the event of an emergency, marshals will ask you to congregate at the northern end of the event field away from the tents.They will then provide further instructions as necessary

Medal Ceremony and Prize Giving

UK/British Athletics Medals will be award to the first 3 teams in each of the following classes

Men's Open & V40

Women'sOpen and V40

Prizes, sponsored by Pete Bland Sports, will also be award to the first 3 teams in the following classes

Men's V50

Women's V50

V60 Open

Mixed (3 men and 3 Women)



This year’s commentary team will consist of Jon Richardson and Fiona Marley-Paterson. Both are experienced fell runners so will know exactly what you are going through!

We are expecting radio updates from out on the fells, reports from the last control, and results from the SI Results Team to keep you informed of progress

See here for Rules and Entry and Courses