Rules and Entry

Team Entries – Your Club will be able to submit Team Entries via the SiEntries website from 20th August to 3rd September. Clubs will then be invited via email to confirm entries at which time payment will be collected.  Once entries have been confirmed you will be asked to provide details of individual runners. You must EDIT YOUR ENTRY and confirm the names of your leg runners by Thursday 14th October at 20:00

On the day teams must also have competed and handed in at race registration the 'Team registration form' and 'Parental consent form' for runners u18.

Rules of the competition

The rules of the competition are set by British/UK Athletics.  The Fell Runners Association (FRA) Rules for Competition apply to this race.

NOTE - there are new FRA rules and requirements for 2021!

Website links to the rules applying to this race are below.

British-Athletics-Fell-Hill-Relay-Rules.pdf (

FRA Principles of Fell Running 2021

FRA Rules for Competition 2021

FRA Requirements for Runners 2021

FRA_first_on_the_scene.pdf (

Team Captains are responsible for ensuring all team members are familiar with the race rules and requirements in these documents prior to race day. 

Please pay particular attention to the rules concerning eligibility of runners which are as follows:

All competing clubs must be affiliated for ‘Hill and Fell’ with the applicable British Athletics body of the UK country they reside in.  

All runners must be registered with the appropriate home county athletics federation or a member of the FRA and first claim members for their club for ‘Fell and Hill’.  All team members must wear their club vest. 

Runners can only compete in a single leg (no ‘doubling up’). 

Runners MUST be the ones declared on the team declaration sheet (i.e. no unauthorised substitution). 

For Legs 2 and 3, pairs must remain in contact (i.e. never more than 20m apart) at all times. They must finish together, and both runners must visit every checkpoint together. 

The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any club failing to fulfil these criteria. 

This event is a senior competition for athletes aged 18 and over, however the race referee will allow suitably experienced 16-17 year-old runners on Legs 1 and 4 which will be flagged and marshalled to the standard required for junior races. 

Navigation skills are required on Leg 2, and may be required in poor weather on all other legs. NO GPS - see FRA Rules for Competition Section 1c.

Team captains are responsible for ensuring ALL team members are suitably experienced to compete in their respective leg and understand the Principles of Fell Running (FRA Principles of Fell Running 2021)

Team captains are responsible for ensuring they declare all of their team members, including name and date of birth, before the closure of the online team declaration window. 

FRA Rules for Competition (FRA Rules for Competition 2021) and the FRA Requirements for Runners (FRA Requirements for Runners 2021) will apply throughout the event. Minimum FRA kit requirements for AM races will apply irrespective of weather conditionswaterproof whole body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), hat, gloves, map of the route, compass (see Note 3), whistle and emergency food.

Lost Dibber (Sport ident Card) If you do not have a 'dibber', you cannot demonstrate that you have visited the necessary control points. Losing your dibber disqualifies you from the competition. There is a £30 charge for each lost dibber. We recommend attaching the appropriate dibber to the runner's wrist with the provided Tyvek wristband prior to entering the holding pen.

Any attempt to deliberately miss a checkpoint (e.g. not stopping to dib) will result in disqualification.

In the event of bad weather, the Race Organiser can impose Checkpoint cut-off times, or when necessary abandon the race.

Retirement: Team Captains must inform the Race Organiser if a team member does not start or does not complete their race leg, for any reason.

Each team is responsible for dibbing (punching) the Sport Ident (SI) unit at each control point. 

Once you have dibbed your SI Card in the control unit, you must hold it there until you have seen one flash and heard one beep. Removing the dibber too quickly will result in a missed punch and could result in team disqualification.

Be aware that other control units at the same control site will also be bleeping as they are punched.

Random kit checks will be carried out at the finish. Winners of each leg, for all categories, will also be kit checked at the finish.

FRA Disclaimer

All competitors must have read and accepted the following standard FRA disclaimer statement: 

I accept the hazards inherent in fell running and acknowledge that I am entering and running this race at my own risk.

I confirm that I am aware of the rules imposed on me by the Race Organiser and that I will comply with them.

I confirm that I have read, and will comply with, the “FRA - Requirements for Runners”.

I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for determining whether I have the skills equipment and fitness to participate in this event.

I accept that neither the Race Organiser nor the Fell Runners Association shall be liable to me for any injury, loss or damage of any nature to me or my property arising out of my participation in this race (other than in respect of death or personal injury as a result of their negligence).

I consent to publication of my name, club, race category, race number, finishing time and race position in race pre-entry and results lists, and to the sharing of all the above details with trusted partner organisations (e.g. UK Athletics) for disciplinary purposes or otherwise where necessary in the interests of the sport

Kit Requirements  


The FRA Requirements for Runners 2021 (the “Runners’ Rules”) (FRA Requirements for Runners 2021) will be enforced.  Every competitor on each leg must carry the ‘FRA Mandatory Minimum Kit’ for an AM race: 

Waterproof whole body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood)



Map of the route (provided)

Compass (see Note 3 of the “Runners’ Rules”) suitable for navigating the course


Emergency food

In the event of bad weather, the Race Organiser can require runners to carry more kit than this. Runners may decide it is prudent to carry more kit than the mandatory minimum.

Runners often question whether this level of kit is necessary – it may not be needed when you are running strongly or in good weather, but it could be a life-saver if you have to slow down or stop because of injury or tiredness, or if you need to help another runner in difficulty.

FOOTWEAR - The course terrain contains steep, rough, grassy fell.  Running shoes must be in good condition and have a suitable tread pattern.

NAVIGATION - This is a self-navigation event using a map and compass.  All FRA races strictly prohibit the use of electronic devices using aids such as GPS (including GLONASS, GALILEO etc) for navigation.  A runner may carry such a device for use in an emergency situation, but if used – even momentarily for repositioning – the runner must retire from the race and declare himself/herself non-competitive to the Race Organiser.

It is the responsibility of the team captains to ensure their team members are aware of the 2021 FRA “Runners’ Rules” and comply with them.  Non-compliance will result in disqualification.

Kit checks will take place as runners pass through the kit check tent into the holding pen before the start of each leg.  Runners will need to allow time for this before starting their leg. 

Leg winners and random kit checks will be carried out at the finish.

WARNING - Any transgression of the race-day kit requirements WILL result in team disqualification.

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