National Honours

Helm Hill Runners have always had an aim of developing junior athletes to fulfil their potential, and it is a source of pride that a number have gone on to represent club and country at an national and international level.  We hope this page will act as inspiration to our current juniors, who should bear in mind that many of the names in the list below were not necessarily the fastest at all ages, yet they all showed great determination to improve.

2022 Hannah Russell English Champion
2021 Chris Richards British Champion
2021 Emma Gould Bronze British Championship
2021 Sharon Taylor v40 British Champion and English Champion and open English Bronze
2021 Rob Jebb v40 British Champion and English Champion
2021 Billy Procter v60 English Champion
2021 Women's open team British Champions and English Champions: Sharon Taylor, Janie Oates, Victoria Thompson, Hannah Russell, Lucy Spain, Bianca Dyer, Emma Gould
2021 Women's v40 team English Champions: Sharon Taylor, Bianca Dyer, Caroline Holden, Marie Robson, Carrie Gibson, Mhairi Helme
2021 Men's open team Bronze British and English Championship: Robert Jebb, Philip Rutter, Joe Kenny, Chris Richards, Adam Perry, Sam Dixon, Kieran Hodgson, Michael Ains- worth, David Griffin
2021 Men's v50 team Bronze English Championship:James l Baron, Willliam Procter, Jacob Dyer, David Griffin
2018 Rob Jebb v40 British and English Champion

Bronze English open championship

2018 Women's Open Team v40 British and English Champions 2018
2018 Women's Open Team British and English Champions 2018
2018 Men's v40  English Championship Silver
2018 Bianca Dyer Silver v45 English and Bronze v40 British Ch
2018 Kelli Roberts English Champion
2018 Hannah Russell Women's u23 English Champion

Women's u23 British Silver

2018 Marie Robson Bronze v50 British
2018 Sharon Taylor Bronze English Championship
2018 Joshua Jardine Men's u23 Bronze English Championship
2018 Women's open British Fell Relay champions  
2017 Joshua Jardine Men's u23 British Champion
2017 Billy Procter

Men's v60 English Champion

Men's v60 British Champion

Men's v60 BOFRA Champion

2017 Hannah Russell

Women's u23 English Champion

Women's u23 British Silver

2017 Women's Open team

FRA English women's team champions

FRA British women's team bronze

2017 Women's v40 team

FRA British v40 team Bronze

2017 Men's Open team

FRA English team Silver

FRA British team Silver

2017 Men's v40 team FRA English v40 team Silver
2017 Robb Jebb FRA Men's v40 Bronze
2017 Sarah Smith FRA U13G Silver
2017 Kath Aubrey BOFRA Women's v50 Silver
2016 Hannah Russell FRA English u20 champion
2016 Chris Richards FRA English u18 bronze
2016 Henry Hunter FRA English u12 Bronze
2016 Imogen Burrow FRA English u16 Bronze
2016 Sharon Taylor FRA British senior silver
2016 Alex Hinchcliffe FRA British u23 silver
2016   FRA Junior uphill team uphill champions
2016 v40 women's team FRA English v40 team silver
2016 v40 men's team FRA English v40 team silver
2016 Senior women's team FRA English team bronze
2016 Men's v40 team FRA British team champions
2016 Women's open team FRA British team silver
2016 Women's v40 team FRA British team silver
2016 Women's v40 team British Fell relays champions
2016 v40 men's team British Fell relays silver
2016 Women's open team British Fell relays bronze
2016 Henry Hunter BOFRA Championship u12 Gold
2016 Katherine Lawson BOFRA Championship Silver
2016 Jacob Aubrey BOFRA Championship u17 Silver
2015 Katie Thurlow 2nd u14 FRA championship
2015 Charlotte Milligan 3rd u23 FRA championship
2015 Georgia Stevens u17 BOFRA Champion
2015 Hannah Russell BOFRA women's champion
2015 Ali Richards, Marie Robson, Jo Wilcox, Carrie Gibson Women's v40 2nd FRA British championship
2015 Sharon Taylor 3rd FRA British and English championship
2014 Tom Addison FRA English champion 
2014 Rick Stuart, William Procter, John Bagge, Shaun Addison FRA Men's team champions v50
2014 Chris Richards FRA u16 English champion
2014 Sharon Taylor, Lauren Munro- Bennett, Alison Richards, Marie Robson FRA Women's team English championship runner up
2014 Matt Senior FRA  u16 English champion runner up
2014 Billy Procter FRA  English champion v55
2014 Lauren Munro Bennett FRA  u23 English championship 3rd
2014 Rick Stuart FRA English championship 3rd v50
2014 Imogen Burrow FRA u14 English championship 2nd
2014   FRA English Juniors uphill champions
2014 Chris Richards u16 FRA boys champion
2014   FRA English Junior champions
2013   FRA English Junior Uphill champions
2013   3rd FRA English Junior champions
2012   FRA English Junior Uphill champions
2012 Chris Richards u14 FRA boys champion
2012   FRA English Junior champions
2011   4th FRA English Junior champions
2011   FRA English Junior Uphill champions
2010   4th FRA English Junior champions
2009 James Knox U14 National x-country champion